I tried many swimwear brands, but my favorites are Zingara and Vitamin A.

They have a variety of styles from classic to more easygoing.

Zingara Swimwear is a Mexican brand that its style is very unique and the quality of the items are very high.

I bought three dresses and one swimwear. I will post my clothes tomorrow. In the meantime let’s take a look at the items I chose to show you right now:



In my opinion, it is one of the best brands I ever tried. Their patterns, ideas, and quality are amazing.


Vitamin A – first of all, I really like the name of this brands, it is so creative and funny.

It is a California-based brand created by Amahlia Stevens. I really like the quality and sensibility that she put into swimwear. I also like the feeling that finally, somebody did a swimwear that I have always dreamed of. Amahlia makes the best decision about the shape and the color of the swimsuit.

Let’s take a look:



I have received all information from:




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